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Take From Parts of the Psalms of the Bible

“Can a corrupt government (throne) be allied with You Oh God – a government that brings on misery by its policies (decrees)? “The wicked band together against those who live by Your laws, and they condemn the innocent to ruin and to death. They pour out arrogant words; all the evildoers are full of boasting…. Read more »


As we watch what is being done to Israel, we should understand what God says about it. No man has the right to dictate how Israel is treated. Israel doesn’t even belong to Netanyahu. Prime Minister Netanyahu is just another ruler that God has assigned. TRUTH: All the nations belong to the LORD (as HE… Read more »

David and Donald

Reading Psalm 78 this morning, the reader is reminded of all the great wonders and works of the LORD. Yet, Israel continued to sin against the LORD after all He had done TO them and FOR them. As I consider what we Americans are dealing with under the Biden administration, it’s pretty evident that the… Read more »

God is All in All

“Because God lives in an everlasting now, He has no past and no future. When time-words occur in the Scriptures they refer to OUR time, not to His. When the four living creatures before the throne cry day and night, ‘Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come,’ they… Read more »

Answered Prayer!

I’m PRAISING God this morning for what He has done in restoring another marriage. Eight years ago I started praying with my friend about her marriage, having only been married for under two years. As it always goes with two married people who become disappointed with who they married, they want to blame the other… Read more »

Which Sanctuary are You Living In?

Do you feel the same, grieved over what is progressively happening to our nation under this current WH administration’s “open border” and no true consequence for anyone breaking our laws. I’m grieved over what this WH administration is trying to do to Israel by siding with Iran, knowing what God says: “I will curse those… Read more »

The Power of Thankfulness

I do believe that we should check ourselves continually. The Lord says we are to judge our sinful selves truthfully confessing to Him, and instead of judging others – we pray and love them, or we pray and leave them alone. God has a day when HE will judge us all. But I have found… Read more »

When I Get Angry

What JOY feels my heart, when I remind myself of the future that God says I have IN Christ Jesus. I get so angry at what our leaders are doing to our natiion. I get so angry at what self-deceived people are doing to the Jews living in America. I get so angry at all… Read more »

Who is Wise and Discerning?

In the Bible’s book of the prophet Hosea, God asks: Who is wise? Who is discerning? He is speaking to Israel of course, but He can also be asking the same thing of us in America. Our start/foundation/Constitution came by God’s will so that He could bless this nation and use this nation to bless… Read more »

Wisdom vs. Government

The wisest man to ever live tells us in Proverbs what man’s government should and not be, and what the results WILL BE! When the wicked are in charge: People will not accept divine guidance; sin and immorality flourishes, and the country will become unstable. Good people will be punished for refusing to accept their… Read more »