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The Path of Life

“I will praise the LORD, who instructs me; even at night my heart instructs me. I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With Him at my right hand, I will NOT be shaken. Therefore, my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure, because You will NOT abandon me… Read more »

A Lament for our Nation

Reading Psalm 5 this morning, looking to the Lord for some encouragement about our nation, I WAS encouraged by King David’s lament to the Lord about his enemies.  God calls David, “a man after His own heart.” David was not a perfect man, a sinner for sure, but David always repented and faced the consequences… Read more »


It’s interesting how the Lord has been speaking to Mike and I about “warnings,” but in different books of the Bible. We were sharing this morning what the Holy Spirit had revealed to each other, where in Jeremiah (where Mike was) the warning was to the prophets and priests (and church pastors). But for me… Read more »

I was thinking about how I (all people) should never make a promise because no human being can ever FULLY keep their promise. God is the only One who can make a promise and keep it FULLY. We say our vows on our wedding day, or make promises to our children or to whoever, but… Read more »

Ezekiel Speaks to America

I really don’t like reading the books of the prophets in the Holy Bible (God’s Word) because of how those warnings and condemnation speaks so loudly today to America! God’s prophets were sent to Israel (Judah and Jerusalem) but I see so much similarity with America today. Both nations began by God calling a man/men… Read more »

Jesus Lives in Me

I was thinking about how Jesus was with His boys whom He called to Himself, those whom He loved and taught and used to start His Church worldwide. Being with the Lord of Life, they matured from boys, to men of great faith and worth to the Savior of the world. We have the Holy… Read more »

Jude – Call to Perservere

I love the book of Jude. It warned us and still warns us, of the days leading up to our Lord’s return to end all evil and rebellion on the earth; that deceivers and scoffers who do not have God’s Spirit but rather follow their own ungodly desires, work to divide us. Jude also encourages… Read more »

History of America’s Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution not only molded a fledgling United States, but they also set a precedent for countries around the world seeking democracy. And now, more than ever before, it is vital that Americans REACQUAINT themselves with these two historic documents – so they might “form a more perfect Union, establish… Read more »

Common Law Living

Parts taken from the booklet “Common Law Handbook,” National Liberty Alliance: If we the people can reinstate justice and demand that elected officials and bureaucrats obey the law or be indicted, we would have then succeeded in reinstating the Constitution! Only the People can stand up and defend the Constitution because the Constitution cannot defend… Read more »

America Needs to Return to the Lord

AMERICA NEEDS THE LORD! Reading Ezekiel chapter 14 this morning and 1 John chapter 5, I see how our nation is at a critical crossroads of choosing what path to take and then to stay on: the path being set by the wicked in power, or the path of righteousness being the path of how… Read more »