Monthly Archives: May 2023

Be Holy

This morning as I was praising my Lord for who He is, I thought about His Holiness, and my shortage of it. Because He is Holy, and commands me (His child) to be holy – He disciplines me as a true Father, while I live now. And, because He is Holy, He must and will… Read more »

Ezekiel to America

Reading Ezekiel chapters 1- 6, I saw a distinct similarity in what God said to Ezekiel about the nation Israel and its people, and in what God has been doing to America because of the same thing, that turning to idol worship: idolatry. God tells Ezekiel, the priest/prophet, what He is going to do the… Read more »

The Journey of His Promise

I have heard that faith can be many things, but what I have been shown in God’s Word, faith is very simple. First of all, faith comes by hearing from the Lord God. When the Lord speaks to us He always tells us the end, but does not tell us the journey. It is in… Read more »

Pride of Victory

Gideon made a sacred ephod from the gold from the battle, and soon they all were worshiping it. It became a trap for Gideon and his family. (Judges 8:27) The ephod was made as a reminder of a great victory, and yet it became a prideful snare. If I begin to think that my worth… Read more »