Monthly Archives: June 2022

When Life Does Not Make Sense

This last week in Facebook I read a story of a mother who is a believer and yet she felt that God had forsaken her. I was also reminded of a conversation with a man I play golf with when he made a statement, “If there is a God how could he allow my daughter… Read more »


This is how I see it, even if you don’t: The Democrats in power (politicians and their faithful media and voters) are afraid of Trump’s popularity due to his ‘successful’ policies that put America first by putting American citizens first, with what WE THE PEOPLE deem traditionally valuable in our lives and clearly supported by… Read more »

Churches are Falling

During my study of the book of Nehemiah I noticed how Nehemiah was attacked for answering the call that God had for his life. As I studied these attacks, I noticed that these are the same attacks we see taking place today. Satan has the way of ‘reusing’ what has worked for centuries. I thought… Read more »