Monthly Archives: August 2021


Father God, I ask of You because I believe in You. I know You can do all things and that nothing is impossible for You to do. You are Creator! What is it that You CAN NOT do, or maybe WILL NOT do?   You will not MAKE US love You because of how You… Read more »

Integrity – Do You Have It?

How do you know if someone has integrity? If integrity has to do with being truthful and honest, doing what you say you will do, or not doing what you say you will not do – then who really is the judge of anyone’s integrity but their own?   I am the judge of my… Read more »

New Body for My New Life

I keep thinking about my precious sister (in the Lord), in her new body! She passed last Tuesday, and is now part of that “great cloud of witnesses.” She and I used to talk and joke about our “new” bodies when we leave this earth whether in death (or the rapture).     I think… Read more »