Monthly Archives: September 2021

Wait on the Lord

2 Chronicles 16 is talking about a king of Israel. This king had sought out God throughout his life but in the end of life he had a situation come up that tested his walk with God. This king did not seek God’s help but rather solved it in human wisdom. The result was the… Read more »

Do Your Own Research

Many existing medicines have been proven by doctors to be very effective in healing people of COVID-19 and Delta Variant symptoms, and probably these other lines of virus’ they say have come such as D164G and G614m, strains of SARS-Covid.     The CDC can not be trusted, as the CDC director broke with her… Read more »

America the WHAT?

Biden’s current plan of his tax-hike on those businesses that make over $450K or more a year to help cover their 3.5T funding will destroy our economy.   “Tax the Rich!” “Share the Wealth!” It’s ignorance for their followers, but for these politicians it’s both stupidity of some and a scheme to crush our economy… Read more »

Faith and Opposition

Faith is nothing more than doing what our Lord has told you to do! When we act upon His words there will always be a wall of opposition. If we focus on the wall we will always make a wrong assumption, and it will be that our Lord does not care. Faith requires us to… Read more »

Accountability of Government

In the book of Acts (in the Bible – chapter 16) teaches Christians to hold the authorities accountable for their injustice. After Paul and Silas were thrown into prison for telling people how to be saved through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then beaten and severely flogged, God used them in prison.  God uses the… Read more »