Monthly Archives: June 2021

God’s Existence

  God ALWAYS existed, never had a beginning or birth. God will never die or disappear. God simply IS. The Bible says so, therefore I believe it! I believe in the Word of the Living God.     We can understand that God “never” will die or end, but not that God “always” existed without… Read more »

America’s False gods

We have in this current governing administration those who think themselves to be ‘gods’ of whom “we the people” are to honor and obey, swallow what they feed us, and not question them at all – but rather accept their godlessness and be content with what they allow us to have and do. Well, you… Read more »

The Younger vs. Older

A while back I had a conversation with a young man. He asked me what church I belong to and I told him, “I do not belong to any organized church.” He told me he was moving close to where I lived, and he went on to say that what he really wanted was to… Read more »