Monthly Archives: December 2020


I had a dream last night, actually more of a nightmare. I was in a home for a prayer meeting. The pastor who was leading it – cut off prayer too early in my opinion. I felt disappointed, but I did not say anything. Later when we all went outside, a little boy walked over… Read more »

Truth – the BELT of our Armor

Truth is the belt of our spiritual armor, according to God and His Word. Therefore, truth holds matters of life in its place, and without truth our lives fall apart. This is so true today as so many life’s issues are falling apart. Example: truth about a family unit where a man and woman marry… Read more »

What is God Doing?

There is no doubt that this has been a year of great turmoil and one that seems to invite fear, anxiety, and a mixture of despair regarding the future. We have had a pandemic that has caused lockdowns, as well as destruction coming from storms, not just here in the States, but in other parts… Read more »


Praying this morning, it came to me how we will try to relieve our insecurity (not really aware of it) with what we do (our work or our ministry or for doctors and prescriptions for our physical health), what we have (material, income or family) and what we know (head-knowledge). We all have insecurity until… Read more »

Answered Prayer

Praying this morning – the thought came – that unless we feed on God’s Word, hiding it in us – how will we know how to pray, and if our prayers are heard by God at all. God has said that He answers prayers that are in line with His will. But, we won’t know… Read more »