Monthly Archives: February 2023

Jesus Revolution

We went to see the movie “Jesus Revolution,” a true story based on the book of the same name. The story follows youth minister Greg Laurie and pastor Chuck Smith as they take part in the Jesus movement in California during the late-1960s. The younger generation had lost hope in the government and organized religion…. Read more »

The Church

I have said before that the church (those who are born-again by the blood, Word and Spirit of Jesus) are to ‘go out’ to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are NOT to invite the unsaved into the ‘fellowship of believers.’ We are to protect our family unity in Christ Jesus. The… Read more »


As I see it, from reading the Word of God, and by my own personal journey of faith, “faith comes by hearing the Word of God.” Faith that is applied to anything else than what God tells me, will not have the outcome that rewards me at the end of my life. People say all… Read more »