Monthly Archives: August 2023

I Will Not Apologize

10 things I will not apologize for: 1. Being a white male, for this is how God made me. 2. Living in America, for this is where God placed me. 3. That the standard for my life is the word of God (the Bible) 4. Knowing the truth about good and evil (sin), for this… Read more »

A Lament for our Nation

Reading Psalm 5 this morning, looking to the Lord for some encouragement about our nation, I WAS encouraged by King David’s lament to the Lord about his enemies.  God calls David, “a man after His own heart.” David was not a perfect man, a sinner for sure, but David always repented and faced the consequences… Read more »


It’s interesting how the Lord has been speaking to Mike and I about “warnings,” but in different books of the Bible. We were sharing this morning what the Holy Spirit had revealed to each other, where in Jeremiah (where Mike was) the warning was to the prophets and priests (and church pastors). But for me… Read more »

The Battle is Not Ours

In my quiet time I read about King Jehoshaphat of Judah. He had a great army coming against him, and he went to the Lord God about it. The Lord told him to gather his small army and march out against his enemy. The Lord said the following: “The battle is not yours, but you… Read more »

Decline of a Nation

Why do nations decline and fall? History has proved, time and again, that a nation’s moral condition and character are key to its endurance. God’s moral law applies to nations as well as individuals. The Apostle Paul wrote: “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also… Read more »