Monthly Archives: May 2021

Science vs. Truth

  SCIENCE: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.   TRUTH: that which comes from the Creator of all life: His structure and standard for living, His laws and order for mankind to flourish.   Can truth and… Read more »

The End Justifies the Way

The promises God has given me have always been about the end result, and never about how the journey progresses.     I have compared this with the promises made in the word of God and I find very few places where God tells His people what the journey will be about. What I have… Read more »

Turning this Lost Ship Around

We are seeing the VERY WORST in the democrat party, giving in completely to the Left and why?! WE THE PEOPLE needed to see it to wake us up to their self-serving ways, their secret agenda MASKED with lies and deceptions; that DEEP DARK agenda (of godlessness – against God’s America that they do not… Read more »

God Warns and Promises

  Therefore, hear the Word of the LORD, you scoffers who rule. You have entered into a covenant with death and made an agreement with the realm of the dead. You have made lies your refuge and falsehood your hiding place.   Your refuge of lies will be swept away and so will your hiding… Read more »


Assumptions over truth will always create confusion. People who have integrity will not compromise with evil, and their actions consistently reflect God’s word. Their love for God will keep them from lying to themselves, and they know where true happiness is found. They will walk in freedom as they ponder the direction of their life…. Read more »