Monthly Archives: August 2022

The Blood of our SAVIOR!

I’ve asked God why ‘animal sacrifices’ for covering man’s sin back then, and then why His ‘Son’s sacrifice.’ Why blood? How does “blood” cover sin so that the Father’s wrath on man’s sin-nature is held off? This morning the thought came that it’s all about LOVE. God is love: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Then… Read more »

Struggles Burdens Hope

This morning I was talking to my Father God, and I asked Him, what if Jesus had given up and asked You to save him from anymore sorrow and pain as He journeyed to His ‘physical’ end, would You have? What a question! Right? But I know that Jesus was also a human being like… Read more »

Legacy vs. Lunacy

Legacy vs. LunacyMike had a dream last night that was so uniquely interesting that I felt the need to write it out and state what came to us about it. The start of his dream had to do with Mike being on a trip because he missed his wife. He found himself in an historic… Read more »