Monthly Archives: June 2020

Precursor That Warns to PREPARE

With all we’ve seen happen in our nation with the “lockdowns” due to COVID-19 and then with George Floyd’s death and riots with demands of ending the police force, or at least defunding them – it’s clear that things like this will only increase, rapidly intensify, as the Day of our Lord APPROACHES, just like… Read more »

Agony of Leadership

2 CORINTHIANS 6:1-10   In this passage of Scripture, we see the breakdown Paul uses in regard to what I would call spiritual leadership. In leadership two words must be kept in mind: servant and example.   Paul, in bringing out the breakdown, brings in the internal conflicts that one faces in his Christian life,… Read more »

Principles of Leadership

When it comes to leadership there are several things to keep in mind. It is easy to find a teacher on how to teach you to play chess, build a house, sail a boat, etc., but it would be a little more difficult for someone to teach you how to be courageous, optimistic, inspiring or… Read more »

Spiritual Leadership

Leadership is not a noun; it is a verb. Leadership is not an identity; it is an action.   We are living in exciting days. We were given a task as the Church and Bride of Christ to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. We know where we are and what still… Read more »

The Real Enemy

When I look at the riots taking place in our cities, destructions of property, loss of life, personal injuries, public services being interrupted and the riot police stepping in – the tendency for us is to become alarmed, fearful and wanting to know who or what is the culprit behind it all, and who to… Read more »

Behold, I Do Something New

1 CORINTHIANS 15:1-9   This Sunday we will be celebrating Pentecost. Something new happened at that time of the coming of the Holy Spirit. But 50 days earlier something else new took place and that is the resurrection of Christ.   We often look at Jesus dying on Friday, but how can that be if… Read more »


Promotion can only come by the testing of my faith. It is when I do what my Lord says, even when what He has asked of me seems to throw gas on the fire of my testing. But, remember when I stand and walk in what God has said then and only them will promotion… Read more »