Monthly Archives: December 2022

Christmas JOY – by Dori McKinnon

The same event that caused Jesus so much grief and sorrow, is the same event that produces joy for the Christian. When Christ was undeservingly beaten, tortured and nailed to a cross to die, much grief and sorrow was felt in those who loved Him. And yet in that same event, there is much JOY… Read more »

Blessing or Consequence

Last Sunday I had my 6 granddaughters over and we had a conversation about how to know if something is right or wrong. Today we have the idea that if most people agree, then it must be right. Doing what is right, by God’s definition of right, brings a blessing. Doing what is wrong results… Read more »

Our Future Declared

I love the book of Isaiah (in the Bible). All that the LORD GOD tells of the future. You might think it’s all for Israel, but it’s more. It’s for all the nations, and people…. “‘Turn to ME and be saved ALL you ends of the earth; for I AM GOD, and there is NO… Read more »

Distractions from the Truths of Faith

I had a dream last night…I was invited to a small church. I was not planning to speak, I was simply attending. I had to be properly dressed with a white shirt buttoned up to my neck like all the others. I remember feeling uncomfortable. The pastor and his son came in. The son was… Read more »

Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Why Have You Forsaken Me? As I was thanking the Lord for going the whole painful distance to the cross for us, I started to wonder if our Savior received any grace from His Father to endure the pain and suffering of all that they did to Him because of who claimed and proved to… Read more »

A Martrys Testimony of His Faith

A Tesimony called: A Song for the Lord – from the book JESUS FREAKS – The Voice of the Martyrs John Denley – England 1555 One day, on the way to visit some friends, John Denley was stopped and searched by the authorities, who found his written confession of faith. Denley believed the Lord’s Church… Read more »