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Blandina – France 172 AD

This a true story: The tormentors had been taking turns torturing the Christian women in every way from morning till evening. At last, these tormentors collapsed in exhaustion. “We have tried everything on this one,” said the older of the two. “I can’t think of anything else do do to her! How can she still… Read more »

Let Our Words Be Few

We do not understand all of the evil that is in our hearts until we hear the words that come from it, whether inwardly with thought, or outwardly with words. King David of the Bible asked: “How can I know all the sin lurking in my heart?” Then he said to the LORD: “Don’t let… Read more »

Less of Me – More Room for God (by Dori Mckinnon)

No amount of self-love practices or self-help products will ever replace the true fulfillment of God in someone’s life. The self-help industry makes millions off people and yet people are still miserable, lost, and searching. People buy into the products that claim to help them achieve this goal or that goal. We make a list… Read more »


When I am certain that God hears me, I am drawn to eagerly persevere in prayer. I am strong to believe and stand on whatever answer God gives me; remembering that HIS thoughts are higher than mine, and HIS ways are far more productive and sucessful than mine. If only all of God’s servants today… Read more »

What Did 2022 Bring? by Dori McKinnon

Year 2022 has been a very beautiful year for me; a year of restoration and peace. I have no doubt 2023 will be another beautiful year because I have learned to trust Jesus with every part of my life and even when I have times of doubt. His sweet Spirit reminds me of where my… Read more »

What Will 2023 Bring?

The wisest man to ever live tells us in Proverbs of the Bible what man’s government should be and not be, and what the results will be in either case! When the wicked are in charge: People will not accept divine guidance; sin and immorality flourishes, and the country will become unstable. Good people will… Read more »