Monthly Archives: July 2022

He is Creator – What Do I Lack?

My Creator should be everything to me because He is the Creator. What am I lacking that He is not, or that He can’t do, or that He can’t grant me? Why do I have a hard time believing that my Lord can take good care of me now and all the way to the… Read more »

God’s Wrath is Equal in Power as His Love is

As I was talking to my Father God this morning, I was thinking about how great His love is for man, and for me personally as I’ve experienced all the years that I have been with the Lord my Savior. He planned for me to live on this earth and to live eternally in Heaven… Read more »

History Starts with Genesis

History of mankind reveals that all people need the LORD! Jesus Christ is our only hope, peace, refuge and eternal salvation in a sin-sick inhumane messed up world. The Bible tells us that evil will continue to intensify rapidly throughout the whole world, then God brings all evil to an end with the second coming… Read more »