Monthly Archives: July 2023

I was thinking about how I (all people) should never make a promise because no human being can ever FULLY keep their promise. God is the only One who can make a promise and keep it FULLY. We say our vows on our wedding day, or make promises to our children or to whoever, but… Read more »


Carol and I saw the movie, “Sound of freedom.” How it sickens me that little children have been and still are being rob of their innocence. I have to admit I did not come out of the movie feeling entertained nor fearful, but rather full of righteous anger. I personally think that these predators when… Read more »

Ezekiel Speaks to America

I really don’t like reading the books of the prophets in the Holy Bible (God’s Word) because of how those warnings and condemnation speaks so loudly today to America! God’s prophets were sent to Israel (Judah and Jerusalem) but I see so much similarity with America today. Both nations began by God calling a man/men… Read more »

A “Woke” Warning

When “woke” leadership is in control Justice will be twisted. The righteous will be treated like dirt. Honest judges will be hated, as well as people who tell the truth! There will be a famine of knowing the Word of God. People will consider themselves too smart to think that there is a God who… Read more »

God’s Supreme Law for All

Psalms 93:5 “Your royal laws cannot be changed.” No matter how people try they will never be able to change God’s law. They can scream, protest, call people who believe God’s laws a racist, and evil, but it will not change one dot or word of His laws. People think that if they can make… Read more »

Jesus Lives in Me

I was thinking about how Jesus was with His boys whom He called to Himself, those whom He loved and taught and used to start His Church worldwide. Being with the Lord of Life, they matured from boys, to men of great faith and worth to the Savior of the world. We have the Holy… Read more »

Wicked Madness

“When fear is conquered, greatness awaits.” Mike Dietz Christian, your present troubles are small and won’t last very long, and they will produce in you a lasting glory that vastly outweighs them! So, don’t become discouraged by the troubles you see now; rather, fix your gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things… Read more »