Monthly Archives: July 2021

Why is God Allowing

Where is God going with all that He is allowing to happen in America, and to His own people? What does God see of His people? I keep talking to Him about this, personally, and as one living in a nation that God established with MATURE Christians, not perfect, but sacrificially responsible and accountable to… Read more »

Altars of Political Policies

In my prayer time, praying for our nation, I heard that these failing “policies” of the current party in power (and the new one’s they’re hoping to push through) are “ungodly altars of worship” meant to have us all ‘bow down to.’     These radical policies that clearly go against our Constitution, Bill of… Read more »

True Fellowship with Jesus

  This morning I was praying to my Father God and confessing my lack of patience and understanding. I’m dealing with someone right now that I believe the Lord is using in my life, so I can become more like Jesus. At the same time, I am seeing how this person, who believes she is… Read more »

Wisdom From God is Better

We have sacrificed wisdom for knowledge!   Today we tell everyone that in order to have a great life you must be educated in schools and universities, and have a degree showing your knowledge. But the Bible says the greatest thing is to get, is to get wisdom from God which is PURE wisdom. Wisdom… Read more »

His Will – Not Mine

The “law of Christ” is for us to help carry the burdens of those God puts in our lives – that HE want to reach and help along. This is what the people of God have been given to do in HIS NAME, and for HIS KINGDOM.   This has become a weakness of the… Read more »

How Do You Save a Nation?

How do you take over a nation? Through the children. So, teach your children the truth. Teach them that if they ever forget the Lord and follow the gods of this world, bowing down to them, they will have no rest, peace or joy.     Tell them to stop listening to people who say… Read more »