Monthly Archives: June 2023

Jude – Call to Perservere

I love the book of Jude. It warned us and still warns us, of the days leading up to our Lord’s return to end all evil and rebellion on the earth; that deceivers and scoffers who do not have God’s Spirit but rather follow their own ungodly desires, work to divide us. Jude also encourages… Read more »

History of America’s Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution not only molded a fledgling United States, but they also set a precedent for countries around the world seeking democracy. And now, more than ever before, it is vital that Americans REACQUAINT themselves with these two historic documents – so they might “form a more perfect Union, establish… Read more »

Common Law Living

Parts taken from the booklet “Common Law Handbook,” National Liberty Alliance: If we the people can reinstate justice and demand that elected officials and bureaucrats obey the law or be indicted, we would have then succeeded in reinstating the Constitution! Only the People can stand up and defend the Constitution because the Constitution cannot defend… Read more »

Which Way America?

Jeremiah 18:7-10 “If I announce that a certain nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down, and destroyed, but then that nation renounces its evil ways, I will not destroy it as I had planned. And if I announce that I will plant and build up a certain nation or kingdom, but then that… Read more »

America Needs to Return to the Lord

AMERICA NEEDS THE LORD! Reading Ezekiel chapter 14 this morning and 1 John chapter 5, I see how our nation is at a critical crossroads of choosing what path to take and then to stay on: the path being set by the wicked in power, or the path of righteousness being the path of how… Read more »