We (the church) are at war! There are those who are at work to destroy everything that Christians believe in and all parts of government that support and protect Christianity in America. Who are these warriors? The media, teachers of education, far left politicians and judges, and the rich and famous; all those with the same ideology that opposes the God of the Bible.  They are at war with our Christian values and this nation’s Constitution using public opinions, select polls, entertainers and actors, hired protestors, slander/fake news, and any senator, congressman or judge that they can use to accomplish their agenda of removing biblical principles from the law of the land. They are out to destroy the livelihood, personal reputation and families of God-fearing people in America. 


To fight this war we must understand our enemy. We must begin by studying who they are, what they are after, and what they are afraid of losing. I have learned that to influence and negotiate with anyone they must be made aware of what they will lose that they deem valuable; this is what brings people to the table of discussion and resolution. But this is not the case here, there is no negotiating with this type of enemy; for it is their way or no way; a fight to the death. 


So how do we fight this enemy and overcome them? We use the greater weapons of war that God has given us; weapons that they absolutely have no defense for. We make ourselves ready to use our divine weapons by repenting and having our hearts purified for God’s purpose, not ours. Then we pray with faith in what God can do that we can’t do, we fast along with prayer in the way Queen Esther called God’s people to fast and humbly pray (see the book of Esther), we confidently obey the Spirit’s leading in what we should actively do, and we boldly stand up for truth, no matter what we’re threatened with.  Our children need to see us battling this way so that they will know how to fight and overcome.


So what do we pray for that would bring us victory? I would like to suggest that we pray God would reveal the enemy by exposing their lies and deceptive teachings; shaming them and ruining their livelihood, reputation and influence. Pray for the removal of those lawmakers who make laws to uphold evil instead of good, and the removal of judges without godly wisdom. Pray that God would remove from office of any branch of government those with agendas that go against God’s laws. And vote them out too.


When we, the church, stand united in prayer, God says, “I am in your midst, and I will answer you.” We must understand that the fight is not against flesh and blood, but against evil spirits that influence people.  When President Trump said he would “drain the swamp,” I am not sure he knew how deep the swamp is, or all that it would cost him. 


Why should the church stand and fight? Because there is no other place on earth we can go. We are cornered and now must either surrender to the media and the progressives with their agenda, or we can fight the spiritual battle with the weapons God has given us. It’s our choice.



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