Frank Dietz passed on January 11, 2021.

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Mike’s Quotes:


“One man can make a difference! Do you believe that? God wants men who will stand for the truth and follow Him without question; men who are not afraid of the unknown but challenged by the conquest of reaching their families, friends, and the nations with the Gospel of Christ; men who will bring their thoughts, plans and whole life into full accountability with the Lord and be open and honest with the Lord, and with each other; even laying down their own lives for their wives, children and each other. This in turn will put men like this in seemingly ‘impossible situations,’ but it is where God is found mightily doing His greater works. God is calling men to repent and return to Him. His message is strong and constant because the return of Jesus Christ is nearer than we think.”


“When I conquer my fears – greatness awaits.”


“Plan your life as though the Lord is not coming back in your lifetime,

but live each day as if He were coming that day.”


“Young men are seen with a future, and old men – with a history.

It is very important for old men to tell young men

of their failures and victories.

But, old men need challenges to stay young at heart.

No man wants to be known as a man with no future, no matter how old he is.

An old man with a valued history and a valued future – is a very powerful man.

Old men start to die when their history is not valued

and they see no valued future.

What is worse is a young man who just exists; who simply lives for the day.”


“Someone tells a lie, and then it is backed up by another person

repeating the same lie.

Then it is confirmed by someone else. Therefore, it must be a truthful lie!

It takes time to research for ‘the truth,’ but it takes no time to believe a lie.”


“You can weigh a man by what it takes to stop him.”


 “Anything worth doing – is worth doing right.”


  “The goal can never change; the means will always change.”


 “A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

A fool learns from his own repeated mistakes.

But the idiot, he never learns.”


“Life as we’ve known it – has changed.”


“The Church is not ready for what is coming.

They have in view the wrong finish line;

they are looking to the Lord’s rapture, and not the Lord’s return.

In the race, they will have stopped 10 lengths short of their finish line,

under this impression.”  


“When God reveals Himself to you,

He begins by destroying everything else that you trust in.”


“When I say, ‘I will,’ to God, then

I will see what God’s will is.”