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I grew up in the 60’s, and I had a lot of friends who went to the Vietnam war. Some of them came back missing limbs, some came back with drug addictions, some did not even come back. Those who did come back were not welcomed and honored but instead they were spit upon and made to feel ashamed.


Today those same people who treated my friends in the war that way are now leading this country. Hillary Clinton was part of this group. She also went after President Nixon for lying to the American people and trying to cover up his tapes, which led to his resignation. Now look at her and what she has become. Why doesn’t her standard in the 60’s apply to her today? Leaders like her who were rebels in the 60’s still are today, but they show it by being against anyone who stands for the truth and common sense. Because of the rebellion of the 60s the outcome is seen in the millennial-society today; those who have no reality of truth and solutions; everything is virtual reality, computer generated.


These rebels from the 60’s distort and pervert the truth by saying, “What is truth?” They create confusion and chaos in society. When right has become wrong and wrong has become right then where does one go to find the truth? What can we do when our leaders refuse to acknowledge the truth and do that which is right and good for society? A rebel society refuses to acknowledge the truth and do what they want; for what makes them happy today because they live in confusion and fear. They give no thought of what will happen in the near future, and live only for today. They become numb to what they see and hear from the media with all the crime and killing, as if it’s part of a normal life.


What is our hope when the government is broken and society is without any true leadership? What will happen to our children and grandchildren?


The only One trustworthy is God, and His Word has the solution to man’s confusion and fear. God has given us all the common sense that He exists and that we desperately need Him. We don’t have to all agree on what we are faced with, but we need to be united with the goal of preserving this great country for the future of our children and grandchildren, and to do so we need God. We need to humble ourselves before Him and acknowledge who He says He is, and cling to His promise that He will reward those who earnestly seek Him. This is what our forefathers did at the start, and they did it for us.

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