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“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” George Orwell


TRUTH: Today there is a great rebellion against God (Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior) which will allow a “man of lawlessness” to easily enter with their favor. In the Scriptures it is said that he will be a man who exalts himself, and will not allow the truth of Jesus Christ to be spoken. He will claim that he is God, and seemingly prove it by doing counterfeit signs and miracles. He will use every kind of evil deception to fool those who refuse to love and accept the truth in God’s Word. They will believe his lies, and be condemned for enjoying evil rather than believing in the truth, and they will be punished with ETERNAL destruction FOREVER separated from the Lord. The Lord Jesus will slay this man!


So, God’s children must stand firm and keep a strong grip on the Word of God gaining the wisdom they need and knowing the difference in truth and lie, right and wrong. They will need to remove from their presence those who claim to be Christians but deny God’s power of His Word and Spirit.


The Lord said that “love will grow cold,” but God’s people must never get tired of doing good because God will pay back those who persecute His people; this He promises and will not fail to do.


So, we must not be afraid to live a life worthy of being called a child of God. He will give us the power to accomplish all the good things our faith prompts us to do. The Name of our Lord Jesus Christ will be honored because of the way we live for Him.


Where do you get your truth today? Do you get it from the news and social media, or from Facebook, or from our politicians and government policies? Do you get upset when people tell you they get their truth from the Word of God (His Book the Bible)? If so, then we are certainly in the last days that our Lord described!


Be wise and be faithful so that you do not lose what the Lord said you would lose by falling away from the truth, the way and the life.


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