Lately I have heard from some Christians talking about America’s new policy of temporarily closing up its borders; they say this is not what Jesus would do. They say, “How else will people hear the Gospel?” Sounds spiritual doesn’t it? But, let’s look at what is really happening with this thinking.


First of all, no where did Jesus tell His disciples to “invite,” but rather He told them to “GO into all the nations….” Why are we “to go” and not “to invite?” If we go then we will influence the people in other cultures where faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not been able to make a glorious difference; that of “good overcoming evil” there. It’s not about one religion overtaking another religion to make people all believe what that religion stands for (Islam Jihad a good example); for this never ends up good for mankind. It’s about Jesus Christ introduced to all the nations so that by faith in Him – He can bless all nations by His teaching and life of His Holy Spirit: good overcoming evil.


It’s about nations becoming “disciples of Jesus Christ” because in Christ alone is the LIFE that is truly life, eternally, and this LIFE ABUNDANT is for ALL peoples of this world to freely receive and be blessed by. Jesus didn’t come to give us a “religion,” but a “relationship” with Him in truth and Spirit, becoming the true children of God, no matter where you’re born. God is the Father of us all.


What we see happening in our American culture is that other religions with their ‘false gods’ have come into the land of America to take advantage of our generous ways. (Generous, but not wise.) Most people come here now to be a part of the progressive agenda to “change” America instead of them coming to “become” true Americans with our culture, language and laws.  You change America by changing the way Americans think/believe; you change the way they think/believe by suppressing the truth and feeding them lies; lies about God and lies about America.


Another argument that has been brought up is that America is a country of immigrants. This is true, but they came here to assimilate to our culture/language/laws and not to change it in order to reflect the culture they have come from. This is not American at all, and is why we need to correct the way people are coming into America and to establish law and order with a justice system in line with our Constitution.  The American way of welcoming immigrants is that they are held accountable to becoming an American with all that it means to be an American. America is NOT a country of many flags; ONE FLAG and it’s all American. If they prefer the culture/language/laws somewhere else, then they should live there and not in America.


Confusion and chaos is not God’s way; it is Satan’s way, and Satan’s way of confusion and chaos in America has grown fast under the last 8 years of people wanting to “change” America’s purpose from God.


In times past, people came here out of respect for America’s laws and Constitution – which they learned.  They eagerly earned their legal citizenship to be Americans, and we are hearing from them all the time today (even though the biased media never reports it) to defend America’s true purpose.


We keep hearing how our founders killed to take land from the Indians and Mexicans. There was fighting and yes there were atrocities done by ALL.  Let’s not forget that before our founders came to this land the Indians were fighting each other for more land of their own, murdering one another, whole communities killed for land. Some Indians killed for the sake of killing and then eating the heart of their victims.  We need to get our history right! Even about the Jewish holocaust, black slavery, and even about when life begins in the womb. The “truth” will set people free.


Then there’s the argument of “black slavery” in America; which again truthful parts have been denied concerning this so that personal agendas can be reached. For example, the personal agenda of “Black Lives Matter.” And look what that has accomplished with all its destruction of their own communities, and killing of police and other innocent bystanders. Is this what matters?!  Blacks have the same privileges in America as anyone one else has to make something out of themselves and to have a decent life.  It’s a choice.  America gives that freedom to anyone who adheres to our laws and honestly works for what they want. America is not God, but God is available to any American who humbly acknowledges who HE IS and that we are all accountable to our Creator and Father of us all – for how we think and live.


The “founders” brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Indians and friendships were made between them and they worked together, which our ‘revised’ history books have left out all the detail about. It is true that in any ‘race’ of people, there are evil doers bent on doing evil and dishonoring human life.  But ‘evil’ is not what America was founded on.  Our Constitution is clear about good and evil, as God defines good and evil.


In many ways (in schools and universities, with media and politicians) the “truth is being suppressed” about America’s true beginnings and founding fathers. And so these who have been denied the truth in school and continually fed distortions of the truth – are the very ones who are in favor and at work to change America and reject our Constitution as out of date and not relevant anymore.


So do we sit back and shut up about all this?  Who does our nation belong to; to those politicians, teachers and media organizations out to change America, or to those ‘true’ Americans in support of God’s purpose for America upholding the biblical principles that formed our great Constitution?



Just Some Thoughts


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