Lord, I am sick of the shameful immorality I see; for it torments my soul. I know that you know how to rescue Your children from this sickness, even while keeping the wicked under punishment. I know that You will be especially hard on those who follow in twisted sexual desires, and who despise the truth with such pride and arrogance.


Their so-called teachers are like unthinking animals, and have become creatures of instinct who growl and yap at anything they do not understand. They say it is good to indulge in evil, and they condemn anyone who stands against them. They delight in deception, and their desire for sin is never satisfied. They lure ignorant and unstable people into their way of thinking. For they are well trained in evil ways and they brag about themselves consistently. They say that they have great knowledge, and openly talk about the freedom of their depraved minds; not knowing that they have become a slave to sin and their corrupt thinking.


Lord, Your children must remember that to compromise with these people will cause them to get tangled up and enslaved again, and when they compromise Your children will be worse off than if they had never known the truth.


Lord, give your children who do not compromise with this type of thinking a great blessing, and help Your children remember that when You grant a blessing it is an eternal blessing.



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