Daily Devotional

Son, trust Me, and do not be afraid. I will not let you stumble, for I stand beside you as your protective shade. I will keep you from all harm and I will watch over your life. I will watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever. Remember that soon the earth will be filled with people who know Me just as the waters fill the sea.


Tell everyone all that I have done for you. Let them know how mighty I am. Tell them that their only hope comes from Me. Tell them I always keep My word and everything I promise is always done exactly as I promised, and at the time I said it would happen.


Son, trust Me and do not withhold anything from Me. Then I will provide all that you need. I am “Yahweh-Yireh,” the Lord will provide.  Everyone will be blessed when they obey Me, and the evidence of My blessing will be seen by everyone. Therefore, encourage My children to stay true to Me.


Lord, You are my strength and it is by Your strength that I stand. It should be obvious to all that it is You who helps me in everything I do.



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