Daily Devotional

Son, some people think they are always right, but I examine the heart. So choose a good reputation over great riches; be honest and trustworthy. Being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold. Remember, good planning and hard work always lead to success, but unplanned shortcuts always lead to failure.


Wisdom is to know when to keep your mouth shut, so that you do not cause unnecessary trouble. Be cautious about the people who are around you. If you associate with angry, hot-tempered people, you will learn to be like them. Instead, let your life be pleasing to Me. You will grow in knowledge of Me when you have people in your life that love My word and live by My word.


Son, people who are greedy for more of anything – are never satisfied with what they have. When they shut their ears to the cries of the poor, I will ignore them when they cry out to Me in their time of need. These people ask Me to show them what to do and where to go. But, if it is not what they want to hear they will refuse to obey whatever I tell them!


Lord, no human wisdom, or understanding, or plan can stand against You. Because You are with me, I can be sure that You will rescue me. Help me to understand and experience all the good things I have in You.

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