Daily Devotional

Son, understand that the world hates you because you do not belong to it any more than I do. I have made you holy by My truth in you; by My Word that you continue to feed on daily. Man will continue to try and remove My Word from their schools, courthouses, and government buildings but they cannot remove My Word; for My Word FOREVER firmly stands and is over everything in the life I’ve created.


What is in My Word that scares people so they do not draw close to me? It is what I say that will happen to those who refuse My Son! And YES, I AM is coming again – just as I’ve written in My Word. But, I am holding those close to My heart who have trusted in Him to save them, and who draw close to fellowship with Him; those who eagerly follow My instructions and are willing to be persecuted for standing up for the truth – I will in no way ignore or refuse what they ask Me for. I will be their shelter and provision.


Understand this My children; I never grow weak or weary, and no one can measure the depths of My love for you and your children. Those who stand with My Son in truth and spirit, I will give them power and strength so they can walk in this wicked world and not get tired of living for Me. For I enable you to serve Me without any fear; for I have poured My love into you by My Holy Spirit.


But to those children of Mine who compromise My truth and My way so that they can feel safe and secure in their lifetime by trusting in others instead of in Me, they will lose what they thought they had with Me, and they will lose their children to the god of the world. Their children will reject Me and the promise I have for them. I am calling to these of Mine that are compromising; calling them to return to Me and My Word; to My wisdom and love, before it’s too late to return and I’ve shut the door.




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