Daily Devotional

Are you a free person or a slave, and do you know the difference? When God delivered the Israelites from slavery He told Moses, “I am not going to lead them along the main road that runs through Philistine territory, even though that is the shortest route to the Promised Land because these people when faced with a battle, will change their minds and want return to the land where they were slaves.”


What you do when faced with fear will determine your freedom or slavery. If your first response is to say, “I wish for the good old days when I did not have this problem” then you will not see how to be free during the problem; to allow fear to enslave you again. What a free person says when faced with fear is, “Your road Lord will lead me through adversity, and You will provide a pathway through the mighty waters of troubles, a pathway I did not know was there!”


God’s children need to think like free people, then our choices and actions will set other people free. Free men free other men. So stay calm – trusting in the Word of the Lord, and He will reveal the pathway to you, and light the way.



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