Daily Devotional

I have been thinking a lot about this great country of ours, and have come to the following conclusions. We are no longer united, and why? It appears that the older generation is more conservative than the younger generation. The older generation worked with their hands to make things and grow things, etc., while the new generation works with their hands on computers and phones. The older generation never thought about what the government owed them, but rather what good could come from their hard work. The new generation lists all of the demands they think they are entitled to, but never understanding that all of their entitlements have a lot of cost to others.


As most of you know I am a builder, therefore I will put this into an analogy of a building and what I see happening in America. Today we have two things affecting the structure (America) that is eating away from the stability of the building: termites and dry rot. Interesting that neither of them do any damage to concrete, but just the structure above the foundation. How does one know that he has a problem with dry rot or termites? They will begin to notice some signs, cracks in the sheetrock, doors and windows do not open and close properly, floors become uneven. If the termites and dry rot is not removed the building will collapse on the foundation. It is foolishness to think that we can change the foundation to correct the problem.


In America this new thinking about what everyone is entitled to is causing the structure of America to collapse. How do we know this? Just look at the signs. We have cracks in our walls; America is not protected as it should be. Inter-structure of roads, bridges, levees, etc. do not operate like they used to. All of a sudden the structure that used to be level is twisted and warped (immorality, anger, violence in our cities) and falling down. The thinking today is not to remove what has been damaged and what has caused the damage, but rather go after the very foundation itself and remove it. They think that if they can change the foundation this will correct all of the problems of the structure.


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