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One definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over but expecting a different result. For example: The people of America have a very low opinion of Congress, but we keep voting in the same people or the same types of people, and expecting a different result.


It is easy to want to analyze, to scrutinize and just talk and debate about all the problems in America: the government branches, our schools, our families, and disasters of all kinds, etc. But, we need people who will speak the truth about why we have all these problems, and then stand up and do something that can actually start solving the problems! It starts with each one of us seeing the truth and then becoming part of the solution – working together. It is not someone else’s country; it is ours, “we the people!”


Today all I hear is how bad our choices for president are. So why is this the best we can come up with? What happened to men of upright character, men with true integrity, men with godly wisdom; why don’t they run? And, if they do run, then why are they not the ones voted in? Is there a difference of opinion on what is godly? Is there a difference in our opinions on “the truth?”


We are asked this question, “Where is the mind of Christ?” (1 Corinthians 2:16) So what is HIS mind and what is HE saying for this time in America? For, it did not catch HIM unaware! Could it be that judgment has come, or is about to really come to America? If so, what would this judgment look like? How should we acknowledge it? Should we look to our Congress, or to our President, or to our professors in universities, or to our scientists and explorers? Who should we look to and listen to and agree with?


When God judged Israel and Judah for being unfaithful, what happened? Natural catastrophes, war, diseases, and a total rebellion towards God and His Word. So America ask yourself, what is God saying about America today? Are we going to continue with this “insanity” or make the changes that bring the result of a nation united under God?



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