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Last week I went to the doctor and while sitting in the waiting room I became disgusted. Across the room was a 15 year old girl laying down across a couple of chairs with her legs up in the air. What disgusted me was how she was immodestly dressed. As I thought about this it came to me that femininity is very hard to find today, just like morality that is hard to find any more in both our young girls and young men.


What amazes me is that you can put a little girl around a baby and she does what is natural for her: she wants to mother that baby. But we see this natural tendency being taken from little girls, and the same with little boys having their natural tendencies taken when they are not allowed to grow up the way God designed male and female.


What happened to true womanhood and true masculinity? Little by little, progressively, male and female have been given unnatural definitions and assignments. We can see it in the television commercials today where men are depicted as idiots and women are depicted as the head of the home with a good head on their shoulders. Or we see manhood depicted as sexual animals drinking with their buddies, and womanhood depicted as sexually revealing in their dress and behavior; both so very shameful compared to God’s distinct design of male and female, femininity and masculinity, motherhood and fatherhood.


So why and how does the natural become unnatural? We know why; the god of this world is against the God who created him. Satan is behind all this confusion and evil rebellion working against our Father’s designs. The natural becomes unnatural when fathers and mothers no longer teach their children what is right and respectable – according to who they are as God designed us all in the womb.


This morning in my quiet time I read Psalms 101:2-7. A true father will do the following:


  1. Leads a life of integrity as a real man in the way God designed
  2. Protects and honors his daughters femininity and his sons masculinity
  3. Refuses to look at anything that is vile and vulgar
  4. Hates evil and comes against anyone who deals wickedly with his children
  5. Will not tolerate people who slander others
  6. Will choose friends who are truthful and above reproach
  7. Will not allow deceivers in their homes


If men began to make this the priority in their home and with their family – what result would it have in society?


Just a thought

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