Daily Devotional

A couple of weeks back I met with some men. The first one I met with talked on the subject of his children. He has five children. He said to me that they are such a blessing to him and his wife. He went on to say how so many people have judged them for having so many children, and then he said something that resonated with me. “If my children are a blessing to me and my wife now, then why would we not consider them to be a blessing before they were born?”


The other conversation I had with another man said something just a little different. “When in heaven where I will see the blessing of all the sacrifices my family and I made in giving, why is it that we do not consider the sacrifice of giving a blessing now?”


Question: Why at the beginning do we think of all the hardships and not think of the blessing? If we only thought about the blessings would that change our attitude about sacrificing?


Just a thought.

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