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Not everyone has the same “world view.” Some think with a ‘globalist’ view and others with a ‘biblical’ world view.


I did not graduate with a college degree, and I do not feel I am a very good writer, and that I speak that well compared to others. But I do understand that what we have here are two very opposite views that will never agree or unite.


I never built a commercial building until I was almost 50 years old. Today I can build 20-60 million dollar hotels in little more than a year. Some have been extremely challenging to do because they were only on ¾ of an acre, and others with supervisors failing because they were overwhelmed. On each of my projects I had men of different cultures and languages, and I had to work with some of the most difficult building departments of this world. I look at how I was able to get these hotels done on schedule and to the owner’s satisfaction? What comes to me is that when the “goal” is understood and agreed on you can overcome the differences of culture and language, building departments, and challenges with city and government officials.


In building anything, everyone must understand the goal before they come to work on the project, right down to the ones doing the cleanup. I don’t get involved with anyone that opposes the goal. They aren’t allowed to have any input on the project, or to work on it in any way because this would not be wise and constructive. If someone starts on the project and then tries to change the goal, they are removed. When problems arise on the job they are weighed and resolved by the goal. Sometimes the answers to the problems are not understood by everyone working on the project; it may not make sense to them at the moment because the answer/solution has a long range view.


The point is today we have two views: global world view and the biblical world view and they are totally opposite of each other. As long as the goal is different there will not be any real communication no matter how hard we try to understand or listen. It will always end up incompatible.


The globalist view for America is to remove the culture of old America, change the language, and remove our boarders. The biblical world view is to acknowledge that God helped our forefathers start this country and why it was started, and that it is God who blessed it because of the biblical world view she had, and that America will only temporarily overcome this enemy of globalism as long as we keep God in everything we do, and acknowledge Him in all our ways. The globalist view for America is to remove America’s unique goal of liberty and justice for all, and to remove the biblical foundation that made it work right.


Until there is the agreement on the world view that we should have as Americans – there will be no real communication. I do believe that the globalist view will win out because it will work to usher in the last anti-Christ that has the globalist view; he will work until all the nations of the world have the globalist view. But, this does not stop me from speaking against it and upholding the biblical world view.


Just some thoughts.

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