Daily Devotional

Lord, You have cared for me since I was born. You even cared for me before I was born. You still care for me even now that my hair is white with age. You made me and You saved me. I am always looking for opportunities to tell people that they can also have what I have with You, my Savior and Lord.


They can have a changed heart and bright future! They can be right with You and have Your peace and joy in the love You have for them – just by believing in Jesus Christ, Your Son, that He sacrificed His own life on the cross, shedding His blood for their sins and rebellion. I know how hard it is to confess sin and turn from wicked ways. I’m still working on it – even at my age! I thank You Father for Your patience with me, and that You don’t hold my sins against me. Oh how I long to see You my Savior!


Son, I love you with an everlasting love. Remember the things I have done for you in the past, and that I will never change how I think about you. Know that I am your God, and there is none like Me. Only I can tell you the future before it even happens, and everything I plan will come to pass, for I do what I said I would do. My desire and plan is to give you all that your heart desires because I gave you a new heart; one that seeks after Me in love and truth.


What sorrow awaits those who refuse My love and salvation, and who argue with My messengers that I send to them. They do know the truth about Me because they choose not to know. I have made it obvious to them and to everyone since the beginning that I exist and reward those who earnestly seek Me. They have no excuse for not knowing Me. Yes, they do know Me, but they won’t worship Me as their God or even give Me thanks for all I’ve done for them; things they enjoy each day.


I would not have told people to seek Me if I could not be found, but people would rather think up foolish ideas of what they think I AM like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused; they have no peace or joy; they don’t know true fulfillment; their lives are empty of what life is really all about. Even though I keep coming to them, one day I will abandon them forever because they traded the truth about Me for a lie. They worshiped the things I created instead of worshiping Me. They went after every kind of wickedness instead of going after the truth and life of My Spirit. They encouraged others in the same way of evil thinking and wicked actions. They have been completely overcome with no way of their own to get free.


I created the heavens and earth and put everything in place. I made the earth to be lived on, and the world was never to be in chaos, hostility and war. I will judge everyone according to what they have done, and even their secret life. I have not whispered this truth in some dark corner; I make My Word known in both quiet and loud ways, and by My judgments I declare My righteousness and justice. I will never change. My Word remains the same for all. Every knee will bend to Me! The tongue of all will soon declare the truth about Me! All who were angry with Me will stand before Me and be ashamed that they worshiped created things. None of that will save them on the Day I call everyone to account; only eternal anguish and regret awaits those that turned their backs on Me.


I AM ready to set things right with anyone who will call on My Name. I am ready to save people and show them My glory now, and not in the distant future. Today is the time to receive forgiveness, the grace of My salvation! On Judgment Day it will be too late!

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