Daily Devotional

Son, all who claim Me as their only God will go through hard times; but it is in these hard times that I will be with them and show Myself strong. When they go through rivers of difficulty, they will not drown. When they walk through the fire of oppression, they will not be harmed. For, they have been chosen to know Me and believe in Me, and they will understand that I alone am God and there is no other. No one can snatch My children out of My hand. No one can undo what I have set into action.


Today people trust in something that can’t help them at all! When they hear what I say, they do not understand. They do not comprehend what I do, even when they see it. For their hearts are hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. They have closed their eyes and ears – so that they cannot understand that they need to turn to Me so that I could free them and heal them. I want them to know that My salvation is still available, but people with hardened hearts will never accept it.


Look at all the horrible things going on in the world, and you will see that evil has twisted the minds of people. They have chosen their own mad course, one without hope of anything good and lasting. There is nothing ahead for them but great fear and regret; eternal death is all that awaits them! These people have grown tired of hearing about Me, and they have burdened Me with their progressive sin and rebellion. Only I can blot out their sins and give them peace with Me, but they resist the truth. If they would only come to Me asking to be forgiven then I would never think of their sins again, but protect them and provide for them. They would be the children I favor. I have paid the price to set men, women and children free, but they must humble themselves before Me and receive My great salvation. Now is the time to seek Me, heart and soul.


Son, I will carry out the warnings of My prophets, for it has already begun! So be strong and courageous; do not be afraid or lose heart. Keep My light shining in the world. I am Your peace and strength to the end.


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