Daily Devotional

Lord, I pray that after I die it not be said of me, “He followed the Lord’s instructions, but not with all his heart.”


Son, then never turn away from My Word. Unless your faith in Me is firm, you will not be able to stand. People who refuse My Word will live their lives in the darkness. Wherever they look, they will only see trouble, anguish and despair, and not anything good that I am doing or that I could do if they came to Me. So walk in the light of My Word while you can, and darkness will not overtake you. Trust in My Word, and you will be known as a child of the light who is filled with My peace and hope. Allow My Holy Sprit to control your life. Stand up for My Word and teach it to your children and grandchildren, and they will put their faith in Me as well.


Son, tell your children and grandchildren the key to life is to trust Me with all their hearts; seeking My will in all they do, and I will show them My good path to take. When they hold on to My instructions, never letting go, My Word will penetrate deep into their hearts and they will always know the right course to take in life.


Show them how to honor Me with their wealth, and train them to have good common sense and discernment, and then their homes will be blessed. They must listen for Me to speak to them and then do all that I ask of them; so that they will be rewarded for faithfulness. Be the example of faithfulness before your children and grandchildren.


Son, I know the day you live in and that there are many people who want to teach and lead people, but remember to first listen to their life before you listen to what they say. People that want to control other people will say and do anything to gain control over people, communities and nations. So, be wise and aware of the schemes of those who do not listen to Me.


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