Daily Devotional

Son, how can My children sleep at a time like this? They need to get up and pray! Oh, My children why are you so sleepy? Stop looking at this world from a human point of view? Instead, look from My point of view. If you are My true followers, then you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow Me. If you think you can hang on to your life as you now live it, you will lose everything. But if you give up everything for My sake and for the sake of My words to you, then you will know what true life is all about. What do you gain if you have the things of this world but lose your rewards in heaven? Remember My children, if you are ashamed to stand up for Me and My Word then I will be ashamed of you.


In the coming days My children will be the joyful ones, those that have followed My instructions as they walk with Me. For they will not compromise with evil, but only walk on My path. Their actions will consistently reflect My Word! For they have hidden My Word in their hearts, so that they will not sin against Me and resist My Spirit. They are the ones who study My Word, meditate day and night on the truth therein, and consider how it applies to them today; for My Word applies in all generations and at all times. Their eyes will be opened to see My wonders of the truth. When they meditate on My Word they will have the understanding they need, and always be encouraged.


Today there are a lot of people who seem religious, and with their lips they seem to honor Me, but I see that their hearts are far from Me. Their worship of Me is fake, because it is based on man-made ideas on how they think they are to worship Me. They cancel My Word by substituting it for things that go with their worldly lifestyles. These people will become hard towards Me and have no understanding in the time of tribulation. They have eyes to see everything I have done and yet they refuse to accept that I AM the only way; their only hope! They have ears, but refuse to listen to anyone who tells them the lifestyle they have chosen will not allow them into My kingdom.


Lord, thank You for the privilege of knowing You, and for Your living word. Give me an eagerness to live in Your word, more desire than for money! Turn my eyes from worthless things, and let me see my life through Your eyes and love. I know that You are merciful, compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love. It is not Your desire to destroy people, so help me to pray for the people around Me that they accept Your free gift before it is too late.


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