Daily Devotional

Lord, You are the great and awesome God! You always keep Your promise of unfailing love to those who love You and obey Your Word. But America has greatly sinned and done wrong. We have rebelled against You and have rejected Your Word. We have refused to listen to Your pastors, teachers and prophets, those who speak with Your authority. Lord, You are right; our faces are covered with shame. This is true of all of us, not just our leaders, because we all have sinned against You. America rejects Your holy words, and Your Word is no longer honored and read in our schools, and Your laws are not used as the standard in our courts. We do not follow the truth, not even the truth we hear every Sunday by our pastors and by Your prophets. America has turned away from listening to Your voice. So now the curses and judgments written in Your Word against us will begin, because we refuse to live by the covenant our forefathers made with You. You have kept Your word and have blessed this great land, but we have not been faithful to You.


Lord, even though we have rebelled against You – You still are merciful and forgiving. Your children will seek Your mercy and receive Your help in the days ahead. Please help us to turn from our sins recognizing Your Word as truth. You are right to do all of the things You have told us would come for not obeying Your Word and our covenant with You. The disasters You have said will come with more intensity are coming; for we have not honored Your Name and Your laws. America has sinned and is full of wickedness, and Your judgments are right.


Lord, I ask that in Your anger towards America – have mercy on Your children. Hear Your children’s prayers! Listen as we plead to You, and smile on us again. Give us true leaders who boldly stand for the truth, and call evil – evil; leaders that uphold Your truth in every way, and call good – good. We make this plea, not because we are deserving but because of Your great mercy – Lord forgive us!

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