Daily Devotional

Son, tell everyone to listen very carefully to what I am saying. “I am about to pull out the support that this generation clings to and everything it supports will fall. Why, because this generation’s sin is very serious, they treat Me with contempt. They never consider Me, or even think to ask for My help. They think they can do everything by their strength alone. They will never be forgiven for this sin, and their future is total darkness.”


Lord, I believe what You say, and it will happen. It can be very discouraging and cause us to grow weary when I hear what You are planning to do. But, I know You will protect me and my family, for we are devoted to You. You are so good, ready to forgive, and full of unfailing love for anyone who asks it from You. Therefore, teach me Your ways, so that I may live according to Your truth!  Grant me purity of heart, so that I may honor You. Your love for me is very great. Thank You that You are slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love, and that I can call to You whenever I’m in trouble.


Son, I will protect My faithful ones, and I have told you everything so that you and your family can prepare for what is coming. So go in My peace! I will grant you the request you have asked of Me.

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