Daily Devotional

Son, I placed America in the center of all the nations, but she has rebelled against Me. America has become more wicked than all nations of the world. She has refused to obey My laws and has rejected My Word which I gave her to follow. Therefore, this is what I say, “Since you have made the choice to reject Me and My words, I am now your enemy. I will punish you while the world watches. You will become an object of mockery, taunting, horror; a warning to all the nations. They will see what happens when I punish a nation, and America will know that I alone am the One who is doing it. Now they will know war and famine and disease, and they will know that I am the LORD.”


My children don’t recognize how hurt I am when they do not stand up for the truth. They cry out to Me about all the detestable sins the people are doing, and think, “Lord didn’t You promise us a life of comforts and pleasure?” I told them in My Word that if they follow Me wholeheartedly, then they will do all that I ask of them. But do you? So do not cry to Me for things of this world, but cry out to Me for things in My kingdom.


My children must learn the truth of how to have a productive life; how to live godly lives. This truth will give them confidence that they have eternal life. They will know how to silence people who engage in useless talk and that deceive others. These useless people are turning families away from the truth by their false promises. They do it for money. Remember, nothing is pure to those of corrupt minds, and seared consciences, and unbelieving hearts. These people claim they know Me, but they deny Me by the way they live. They have been misled and have become slaves to many lusts and pleasures. Lives full of evil, envy, and hate.


Have nothing to do with people who deny the truth; for they also deny Me. 


Lord, You are the only hope for man, therefore I put my hope in You! I will praise You each day, and thankful for Your unfailing love for me.

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