Daily Devotional

Son, I display My holiness through My children. My faithful love endures forever, generation after generation, because I remember My children in their weakness. When My children listen to Me, they will not be shaken by what is coming. My children must distinguish between what is truth and what is lie. If they are thankful I will give them peace. My life-giving words are absolute truth, and those who listen will have great wisdom for the days ahead. 


I am calling America to account for its wickedness. I am canceling the covenant that I made with their forefathers. America has become a foolish and stupid nation because it has turned away from Me and deliberately disobeyed My Word. Look at the cities covered with blood, and filth of wickedness is everywhere. They worship silver and gold, and the things made by human hands. They refuse to listen to My prophets, and think they can cheat judgment. They believe My coming destruction will never touch them, because they have built a strong refuge that is made up of lies and deception.


Son, because of My judgment on American there will be a great wave of persecution that will sweep over My children, but it will have a good work in My children. So My children, do not be stubborn with Me, and then become deaf to the truth; do not resist My Holy Spirit or you will be unprepared. My children, do not become confused in your thinking that those faithful children of Mine who DO stand for the truth, are the ones that are bringing on My judgment that causes persecution. They are not! If you think this way then your hearts are not right with Me. If you believe this about your brothers and sisters then you are held captive by the evil one, filled with bitter jealousy.


Lord, thank You for this encouragement to those that remain faithful to You. Thank You for Your Name and Word which endure forever. Your fame is made known by the faithful in every generation. Since You are coming, help me to be prepared and ready for You.

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