Daily Devotional

Son, I AM the One who made heaven and earth, and I say, “I will not let My children stumble. I watch over them day and night; for I neither sleep nor slumber. I stand right beside My children as their protective shade. I watch over them as they come and go, both now and forever. On that wonderful day of My return I will give My children perfect rest.”


Son, My children must walk in the light of My Word, so the darkness will not overtake them. Those who walk in the darkness of this world cannot see where they are going. People must put their trust in Me while there is still time; then they will become children of My perfect Light. Remember, if you love the darkness of this world – you will not see My Light.


The time for judging this world has come, and I will punish the world for its evil rebellion and for their wicked sins. I will crush the arrogance of the proud and humble the pride of the mighty. It will all happen as I have planned. My hand of judgment is raised upon all the nations, and who can change My plans? When My hand is raised, who can stop Me? Remember, anyone who rejects Me will be judged by My truth and justice on the Day of Judgment!


Lord, help me to stand up for Your truth, and not be one that refuses because of fear. Help me not to live for human praise, but to live for Your praise. You are my God, my only hope.


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