Daily Devotional

Son, the night I was taken in the garden My followers made a choice to run away and hide; to deny and betray Me. So it is again, as that day approaches when I come back.


In the coming days My church will have to make the choice to stand up for the truth, or to run away and hide; betraying Me and others who do stand up for the truth. Those cowards will think that they are just a few in number and so they will be crushed if they stand up.  They believe they will be ruined, and their entire work for God wiped out! What fools; how can My work on earth be wiped out?! They blindly think, “Let’s be smart and keep our mouths shut, for this is an evil time!” They have no wisdom at all when they are angry and resentful towards those who do stand up for the truth. In their madness they accuse the faithful by saying, “You are the reason they have ruined our work and made us afraid of what they will take from us.”


Lord, those who keep their heart’s pure; will it be for nothing? Was my life of living for the truth – for no good reason? When I tried to understand why the wicked prosper, I get all torn up inside. But, then You remind me of the fate of the wicked! So, I will keep going, no matter what!


Son, My church must do what I called them to do, and that is to stand up for the truth of My Word; My Word is Truth! They must stop twisting My words so that they can fit into their societies and cultures. They must stop treating righteous living like dirt because they want to live unthreatened and painless lives. They do not want the troubles and suffering of those who do stand up for My Word. They wear the pride of their wicked tolerance like a jeweled necklace. They scoff at those who denounce evil and boast that I, the Lord, stand with them and their way of thinking.  What fools!


Lord, how long will you allow them to dishonor Your Holy Name? Because Your church has not stood up for truth and obeyed Your Word, our nation is full of darkness and violence! Arise, O God, and defend Your righteous cause. Remember how these fools insult you all day long.


Son, I hate dishonest judges, and I despise people who refuse to stand for truth! I know the vast number of everyone’s sins and the depth of their rebellion. When people learn to hate evil and love what is good, it will turn their courts into true halls of justice, and then perhaps I will have mercy on the people. But know this, “The day of the LORD will be dark and hopeless, without a ray of joy or happiness.” So My children, keep alert and watching in prayer as you wait for My return, and you will not give in to the evil temptation of being accepted by this world. Remember your spirit is willing, but your body is weak; therefore, be filled with My Spirit so that you will overcome all that comes against you.


Lord, when I finally understand what is about to take place, I will have peace that I belong to You, me and my family. For, You hold my right hand. You guide me with Your good counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny. Whom have I to look to and to depend on, but in heaven with You my Savior and Lord? It is when I desire You more than anything on earth – I will tell everyone about the wonderful things You do!



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