Daily Devotional

Son, I heard your president and your politicians speak, now let Me tell you what I think.


They speak with such arrogance. I’d like them to show Me what they can do so that everyone may consider the evidence. Let them tell what the future holds so that everyone can know what’s going to happen. Then everyone will know they have the power they so proudly imagine!


In fact, I’d like to see them do anything-do something that could amaze Me, but they can do nothing at all; the power that they think they have is less than nothing! Those who choose them to lead are polluted by their deceitful lies.


This is what I have to say to them: “You see and know what is right but you refuse to act on it. You hear with your ears, but you don’t really listen. Your legacy will be that you robbed, plundered, enslaved, imprisoned, and trapped your people. So hear the lessons of the past and see the ruin that awaits you in the future?”


I will not give My glory to anyone, nor share My praise. Everything I prophesied has come true, and now I will prophesy again. I will tell you the future before it happens. Since America has refused to turn from their sins, and have forgotten all of My many acts of kindness to them, I will give them what they asked for!


This nation sheds innocent blood by abortion and the land has become polluted with murder. America will now be ruled by those who hate them. I am allowing this so all who see this will understand what America has done, and against whom they have sinned. For they have refused to walk on My path, and therefore I will pour out My fury on them and destroy their pride. Yet! Even as I am destroying them they will refuse to understand.


Son, tell My children that they have followed My instructions, but not with all their heart; not as one. They must all open their eyes and turn from darkness, from the power of Satan. I am their only strength and hope. Then they will be given a place in My kingdom among My holy people, who have been set apart by faith in Me; changed by the good things they do, and speaking boldly for Me. In the coming days My children will be punished in public view to get them to curse My Name; the Name Jesus Christ. They will be pressed to deny Me altogether. But they must not cave in or I can’t help them!


I, the LORD, have called My children to demonstrate My righteousness. I will take them by the hand and guard them. So don’t be afraid or discouraged, for I am with you. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with My victorious right hand. Therefore, let the whole world know what I have done. Tell everyone about My wonderful deeds. Search for Me and for My strength, and continually seek Me. Remember the wonders I have performed, all of My miracles of old. Until the time comes to fulfill My promises I am testing your character.

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