Daily Devotional

What will it take for the people of America to return to their Creator and turn their attention to the Holy One?


When His children stand up and trust the Lord fully; that’s when. When they are enlightened by the Word of truth daily; walking in that light; obedient to what they read in God’s Word. When they commit everything they have and do – to Him. When they learn to be still in His presence, and wait patiently for Him to speak and to act. They are not worried about evil people or about their wicked schemes because their confidence and hope is in The Lord and they know that He is aware and in control of all that is going on around them.


Now is time for His children to stand up and to be seen and heard in what The Lord instructs us to say and do. Though we stumble with our imperfections, we will not fall, for He holds His children by His hand. Remember that the Lord loves justice, and He will never abandon us.


Therefore, put your hope in the Lord, and travel steadily along His path for your life, and the power of the Lord will be with you. When people see the evidence of God’s favor and blessing in your life, people around you will turn to the Lord.


How do you change a country? One person at a time!

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