Daily Devotional

Take a risk!


When there is moral rot within a nation, that nation topples easily. When a nation rejects the word of God, it will allow wickedness to run freely. It will have leaders that lead people down evil paths. Remember, the heart reflects the real person, and out of the heart the mouth speaks. So listen carefully to what is being said today.


This type of a nation will not stand with Israel for very long. They need to remember what God says, “As you have done to Israel, so it will be done to you. If you desert her I will desert you!” So be wise by opening your eyes to what is happining, and know that danger is coming; know what God would have you to do.


To change a nation with this type of leadership will require people to take risks and stand up for the truth. Any nation that has wise leadership will be stable, people will once again rejoice and God’s children will floursh.


God asks those who questions Him about this? “Who are you that you would question My wisdom with such ignorance? Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth. What answers do you have for the problems you face today?” Those who trust their own understanding are fools, and have become deceived by their pride.


Lord, I am nothing. On my own I can never find the answers to Your questions? Man talks like he knows so much and yet he knows nothing apart from You!


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