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The Bible says in Mark that the disciples walked with Jesus and were filled with awe, but the people who walked behind Jesus were filled with fear.


Interesting, that the closer my walk is with Jesus the more I am in awe, instead of fear. Both types of people have the same issues in life: bills to be paid, an uncertain future, a place to live, health, family, their country. So how does my walk with Jesus affect my view on life? The further back I am – the less I can hear what Jesus is saying. Therefore, because they cannot hear they will not experience the power of God. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing, therefore hearing is a very important part of overcoming my fears.


To have faith in God, I must hear Him speak. Then when He speaks to me and says for me to tell this mountain to move, I can say to this mountain, “May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,” and it will happen. But I must really believe what God told me will happen and have no doubt in my heart. Then when I pray in faith over what God said – I need to act as if I have already received it, and it will be mine!


A little further in Mark we see that the disciples could not drive out a demon in a little boy. The father comes to Jesus only after he has found out that the disciples cannot help him, and says, “Have mercy on us and help us, if you can.” Jesus asked him, “If I can?” Doesn’t this sound like people today whose walk is so far behind Jesus that their first reaction is seek help from man. When they realize that man cannot help them they finally go to Jesus and say, “If you can help me……”


Lord, when I know You personally, and listen to You, then I will understand that everything is possible with You. Therefore, Lord, I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!

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