Daily Devotional

Son, when My children are finally unified in purpose, their enemies will hear, and try to stop them. They will come to My children and say let us help you, for we worship God as you do. They will try to discourage and frighten My children to keep them from doing what I ask of them. When their enemies finally realize that My children will not stop – they will bribe people to lie and accuse My children of things that never happened, just so that they can split up and weaken My children. They will make accusations against My children, accusing them of being hateful, politically incorrect, and having no love. Then, with a show of combined strength they will force My children to stop meeting together. Remember that when this day comes, I will put great panic upon My children’s accusers, because they will finally know that they are headed for certain destruction. So My children, watch for this time; it is sure to come!


So when this day arrives and your enemies start their work, don’t be afraid, but bring your fears to Me! Cry out to Me, and I will answer your prayers. For your help comes from the One who made heaven and earth! I will not let My children stumble and fail because I do not slumber as I stand beside them; their protective shade. I will keep them from harm and they will finish the work. Since I watch over My children they are free to come to Me anytime, and complete the task I asked of them; that to tell the world I am the truth and the life, and their is no other way.


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