Daily Devotional

Son, listen to what this generation says to My true prophets and true teachers.  “Stop telling us about the future and what is right. Tell us nice things, not all this gloom. Stop telling us about the word of God and its narrow path. Stop telling us about Jesus being the only way.” This generation prefers lies!


These false leaders rise up and distort the truth in order to draw their own following. They have closed their eyes to the truth.  Look at how they treat My people that speak the truth and who live to please Me; they treat them as if they are the liars, and as though they are wicked from the heart! They treat evil people as though they were good and trustworthy. They twist My words and say that My Book is just a book of rules that don’t need to be followed. By their false teaching people will feel it is safe to continue to do wrong.


Some of this generation say that they know the truth, but the truth is not them.  They claim to be My children, but they are not. They honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. Their worship of Me is empty and worthless; it makes Me angry.  Their works of religion are only rules that make them feel good about themselves. They make up false images of who they think I am, but they do not know anything about Me. They say, “God is love!” But they do not understand true love. Love without truth is only human affection, not true love. They refuse My truth! Therefore, they refuse My love.   

These people despise what I have told them in My word. Instead, they trust the lies being told by false teachers and prophets in their day. They do not understand that the lies of these false teachers and prophets will lead them down a road of dishonor and destruction. When calamity comes upon them suddenly – their life will collapse and come crashing down around them. What they have built has been built on lies, not truth. Their only hope is to acknowledge Me and live their lives according to My word; then they will find the peace and rest they so desperately need.


Son, a wise person thinks about the end of his life; if he has lived his life in the right way; if I am pleased with him.  Remember, it is more important how you finish – than how you start. Faith is the only thing that pleases Me. Be faithful to what I tell you. You must never shrink back from telling this generation what they need to hear, either publicly or in their homes.


Lord, my life will be worthless if I do not finish the works of faith that You have assigned to me.

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