The Soul of America

If we allow common sense and our heritage with God to be removed then this time will be known in the future as a time that tested the soul of America.


Don’t think for a moment that because you want to live a quiet life, and leave these problems to others, that you will escape if you keep quiet at this time. Soon everyone will have to choose what law they will live their lives by; whether the law of God who gave you the breath of life, or the law of man.


Destruction is coming if America chooses man’s law, over God’s law. So do not say in your heart that this destruction will never touch us. For we have made ourselves secure, but this security is made of lies and deception. If we keep quiet at a time like this, how terrible it will be for us. God’s children are commanded by God to let everyone know what is coming, so they can be prepared. For God has given us a sacred trust, and you were placed here for such a time as this. God, through His word, tells us everything over and over, and those who are wise will listen and will take it to heart. They will not be shaken.


Remember that whatever is in your heart determines what you will do. Your actions or lack of actions will either acquit you or condemn you. Those who refuse to stand up for the truth will lose all hope, and become paralyzed with fear. To those who do stand up – they will be proven to be right, and their cause for justice will be shown as the correct path.

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